Gwen Coyle

I have always been an animal lover, even as a child. As an adult we moved to the country & I was overwhelmed with how many abandoned animals there were. So, I started rescuing and rehabilitating them. When I saw how great the need was I decided to do it on a larger scale. Rescue is not what I do, it is who I am. It is one of the most heartbreaking yet rewarding things I have ever done. 


Ever since my childhood, dogs have intrigued me. They are brilliant yet stunning. After witnessing abuse, unnecessary littering & overcrowding in East Texas I was determined to be their voice. Every animal we save and re-home opens a remarkable opportunity of 2nd chances for another pet. Its a great passion of mine and extremely rewarding. 



· Rescue and Rehabilitate abandoned animals in our community

· Provide food, shelter and medical care to those animals in need

· Promote spay and neuter to control the pet population

· Adopt healthy animals into loving homes

· Changing laws to protect the voiceless


We are passionate animal lovers & the voice for the abused and neglected. Texas euthanized 114,000 animals in 2018 which is MORE THAN ANY OTHER STATE. Many of these animals are simply without a home, they are happy, healthy, adoptable pets that are euthanized because humans have let them down. We are hoping to reduce this statistic.


APA is run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to helping homeless animals. We rescue abandoned & dumped animals and from local shelters before they are euthanized. We provide medical care, loving foster homes and a chance for a happy life through adoptions. We receive no government funding; we only get support and donations from individuals and companies who want to support us by helping the homeless. Based on our years of experience it is estimated that the yearly cost for caring for an animal is $1,500. This cost includes food, veterinary exams, spay/neuter/ vaccinations, heart worm and flea treatments. We need your support!

Thank you

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in Angel Paws Advocates. (APA)

Thank you for helping the homeless and remember to control the pet population by spaying and neutering your pets!

*We are always in need of wonderful people to be fosters, volunteers and donors.

Angel Paws Advocates is a 100% volunteer organization funded exclusively by donations.*